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The memory this picture represents is very important. There was a ceremony commemorating the 50th anniversary of graduation from ITU (Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi[The Technical University of Istanbul]). During this ceremony, while the dean gave Süleyman Demirel his title of privelege, the president of Turkey himself gave it to me. Süleyman Demirel (He is one of the most important politicians of Turkey. He has served as president of the country). At the time he was the general manager of the Water and Sanitation Ministry and a classmate of mine along with Necmettin Erbakan(one of the important politicians in Turkey). One day Süleyman Demirel came to visit the construction site. The company's executive director introduced us. Demirel said "How are you Arditi?" He used to always say that to me when we were going to school together. The executive director was shocked. He asked me why I never told him I knew Demirel. I responded "You never asked." I had the opportunity to meet with Demirel on a number of different occasions after that. When he was elected President, he threw an elegant dinner party in honor of his university classmates from ITU. We all wanted to go to Ankara to congratulate him anyway. He invited us and our wives to a beautiful reception at the Presidential Palace.

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Feride Petilon
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Istanbul, Turkey


Albert Arditi
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