Adriana Brodyova

Adriana Brodyova
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    United Kingdom
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    United Kingdom
This is my grandfather Helmut Stern's sister Adriana Brodyova, nee Sternova. This photo was probably taken during the war, during her forced exile, when she lived in Great Britain. An interesting fact was that two Brody siblings, Janka Brodyova and Viliam Brody married two siblings of the Stern family in a mutual wedding. Viliam married Adriana and Janka married my grandfather Helmut. Adriana was born in 1905. She spoke eleven languages fluently. In 1939 she left with her husband for Great Britain, where she was a lecturer at university. Here she was a teacher at the secondary school on Grosslingova Street in Bratislava. Adriana's life dream was to go on a voyage on the river Rhine, and she did, and during this voyage she had a heart attack and died. Viliam Brody established a small firm for typing machines which later became a part of IBM. He died in Oxford in 1995. They didn't have children.

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Interviewee: Tomas Stern
Bratislava, Slovakia


Adriana Brodyova
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during a Rhine voyage
after WW II
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