Adel Czitrom

Adel Czitrom
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This is my paternal grandmother Adel Czitrom nee Fekete. The photo was taken in Budapest in the 1920s. My paternal grandfather's name was Miksa Czitrom. He was born in Berettyoujfalu in 1870. He and his brothers and sisters became orphans at an early age. Miksa was in his teens and he was a street-porter at first, I think. However, that wasn't in Berettyoujfalu, they had moved from there, but I don't know when. Later, he worked his way up by himself, and worked in some sort of official post in the capital [Budapest]. He was living in Soroksar when he met my grandmother, Adel Fekete, born in Nagyvazsony in 1875. They were already in Budapest when they got married. They had three sons: Tibor, Laszlo, my father, and Ede. I was six years old when my grandmother died. My grandfather had died earlier. I remember having been to the Fekete family, my grandmother's siblings. I'm sure they kept the high holidays because I remember that my mother told me that they went to their place on foot on Yom Kippur, and they stayed there for supper. Things like sewing couldn't be done on Saturday, nor washing and ironing. They must have been moderately religious. And so was the Czitrom family. My grandparents were quite religious; I know that my father had had a fiancee before my mother. She was also a socialist and didn't want to get married in the synagogue. His parents didn't give their consent to the marriage because they wouldn't allow my father to get married without a synagogue wedding. I know from my mother that they had horsemeat soup [which is not kosher] at their house, but they didn't tell him that that's what it was.

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Dora Sardi, Eszter Andor
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Budapest, Hungary


Adel Czitrom
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