The Life of Werner Weissenberg

Grade of Class: 
9th grade

Our film tells the story of struggle over life and the survival of a former jewish school teacher named Werner Weissenberg for mathematics and physics. Mr Weissenberg was deported to the concentration camp in Dachau. After being released and reutrning to working at the school at the philanthropin, Werner Weissenberg tried and managed to escape Nazi Germany with the last transport to England in June 1939. In England he raised a family. His daughter Dr. Claire Weissenberg visited our school with her daughter on September 8th 2017. Through her storied we got to know about the exixtence of her father and decided to research about his life. We are very happy to have documented the memory of Werner Weissenberg. This film keeps the memory of Werner Weissenberg alive. LeChol Ish Yesh Shem.

The Centropa Jewish Network student competition was made possible by: The Jack Buncher Family Foundation The Howard and Geraldine Polinger Family Foundation The Kantor Foundation and delivered with the support of the European Jewish Fund

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