2016-11-10 10:56:30

November 10th, 1938 - the day after the Night of the Broken Glass - saw the continuation of anti-Jewish attacks with a wave of arrests. The SS and Gestapo arrested up to 30,000 Jewish males, and transferred most of them from local prisons to Dachau, Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen, and other camps.

While most men were released over the next three months - on the condition that they emigrated from Germany - hundreds died in the camps as a result of the brutal treatment they endured.


2016-11-09 10:14:56

#OnThisDay We commemorate the Novemberpogrome of 1938, a turning point in history and a turning point in the lives of many of our Austrian interviewees.

Gertrude Kritzer, born 1923 in Krumbach, Austria, remembers:
"I had been to Vienna twice before the German invasion, but the memories of Vienna that I've kept are those from fall 1938: I witnessed this horror myself. Although I've lived in Vienna for almost fifty years now, I can still clearly see it in my mind's eye: I was walking home from the Schiffschul with my dad..."


2016-10-31 15:06:27

Are you in Budapest this Thursday, on November 3rd?

Centropa's newest exhibition, "Love on a paper airplane - Jewish life stories from the First World War" will be opening at 6PM at 2B Gallery (IX. ker. Ráday utca 47. ). This exhibition takes you on a journey through our oral history interviews and family photos personal stories from the times of WWI. Hope to see you there!


2016-10-17 12:23:28

#OnThisDay in 1934, Semyon Gun was born in Odessa.

"I was named Semyon after my mother's father. I was circumcised on the 8th day. On 21 December 1937- Stalin's birthday - my brother Alexandr was born. I attended a kindergarten then from where I brought measles, chickenpox and whooping cough and Alexandr contracted them. I actually didn't fall ill while Alexandr had all these diseases..."

Click on the photo to read more about Semyon and his family.



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