2016-12-14 11:52:41

Iosif Yudelevichus, born 1928 in Kaunas, Lithuania tells us about his parents and their travels:

"My father went to Russian lyceum in the town of Suwalki [Poland, 10 km away from the border of Lithuania and Poland and 170 km from Vilnius]. Upon graduation he decided to enter university. He dreamt to become a lawyer. Father went to Russia to enter the institute. I do not know how he happened to be in Siberia..."


2016-12-06 13:25:51

Kedves Tanárok!

Maradandó élményt akartok adni a diákjaitoknak?

Méltó módon szeretnétek feldolgozni a holokauszt témáját?

Egyszerre bővítenétek diákjaitok történelmi, helytörténeti, földrajzi, és informatikai ismereteit?

Mindemellett szívesen fejlesztenétek angoltudásukat, prezentációs készségeiket és kritikus gondolkodásukat?


2016-11-17 18:10:22

While we're finalizing our annual and Centropa Summer Academy reports, we're looking back on a year of great memories - passionate and committed teachers, intensive seminars, our memorable trip through Vienna, Prague, Terezin and Berlin with 90 educators from 18 countries, and other events bringing 20th century European Jewish history to life. What's your Centropa memory of 2016? #ThursdayThoughts



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