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Final event of our Sarajevo Project in Poland

The Sarajevo Project of Centropa is about to come to an end. Supported by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union, we managed to bring the fascinating story of La Benevolencija to schools in three countries: Hungary, Poland, and Romania. We made the Survival in Sarajevo film in the languages of these countries, created three different travelling exhibitions, and organized seminars for teachers in the 2016/17 school year.

We also asked students to use the story of La Benevolencija as an inspiration, and look for opportunities in their neighbourhood to address a community issue and work together with others to solve it. Students from all over Hungary, Poland and Romania sent us their project ideas, and the best ones received a grant to make their ideas come to reality. In Hungary and in Poland 10, and in Romania 7 student projects have been created about tolerance, social responsibility and living together, and hundreds of students were involved, along with their peers, parents, and teachers.

We wanted to organize a special event to award all these students and get to know their remarkable projects. On the 28th of October, we organized a final event in Krakow, where more than 100 students came together from all over Poland. Students had the opportunity to present their projects to each other, which they took very seriously - they brought films, flyers and gifts with them, and told each other enthusiastically about their experiences. After the presentations, Centropa directors Edward Serotta and Marcell Kenesei welcomed the groups, and awarded their work with certificates. 

We would like to thank to every student and teacher who took part in this project, and give a special thanks to our wonderful partner, the Galicia Jewish Museum for providing us the venue of this event. 

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