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The 2nd CJN video competition – here are the results!

In the 2016/2017 school year, we announced the CJN video competition for the second time. Students from Jewish schools in Europe, US and Israel could compete with their short films in 4 categories: Virtual Jewish Cookbook, Family History, Virtual Walking Tour and My Community.

We are very proud to announce that this year we received over 80 videos (which is the double of what we received last year) from 12 countries and 15 schools. All videos can be found on our Border Jumping page by filtering according to Centropa Jewish Network and video competition 2016/17.

Virtual Jewish Cookbook Category

Runner Ups

  • “Kemar” - Ahad Ha'am high school (Petah Tikva, Israel)
  • „Shakshouka” - Lauder-Reut Educational Center (Bucharest, Romania)
  • “Gastronomic Jewish Year” - ORT-St Petersburg 550 (St Petersburg, Russia)


  • „The Kugel” - Ahad Ha'am high school (Petah Tikva, Israel)

Family History Category

Special prize

  • “A well earned escape” - Jewish Day School (Bellevue, USA)
  • “Never again” - Jewish Day School (Bellevue, USA)
  • “A cap of diamonds” - Jewish Day School (Bellevue, USA)
  • “The ones who disappeared” - Jewish Day School (Bellevue, USA)
  • “Migration of Jews in the 20th centrury” – Lauder School of Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)

Runner ups

  • “Yehouda Chaki” - Jewish Day School (Bellevue, USA)
  • „The story of my grandfather in India” - Ahad Ha'am high school (Petah Tikva, Israel)
  • “The story of my great-grandmother in Morocco” - Ahad Ha'am high school (Petah Tikva, Israel)


  • „Tania's Asters” - EC 141 ORT (Kiev, Ukraine)

Virtual Walking Tour Category

Runner ups

  • “The Choral Temple” – Lauder-Reut Educational Center (Bucharest, Romania)
  • „The Jewish Theatre of Bucharest” – Lauder-Reut Educational Center (Bucharest, Romania)
  • „The Forgotten stories of Lipscani” - Lauder-Reut Educational Center (Bucharest, Romania)


  • “The forgotten memory of Jewish cemeteries” - Lauder-Reut Educational Center (Bucharest, Romania)

My Community Category

Special prize

  • “Minecraft walkthrough of our schools” – Cooperation project: Lauder Javne School (Budapest, Hungary) and the I. E. Lichtigfeld-School (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

Runner ups

  • „History of the Jews in Kiev” - Educational Complex 141 "ORT" (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • “The community of Petah Tikva” - Ahad Ha'am high school (Petah Tikva, Israel)


  • „Memories of school life of survivors” - Jewish Primary School (Thessaloniki, Greece)

We would like to specially thank the work of our most active teachers, who motivated their students and submitted more than 5 videos:

  • Sofija Pavinskaite (Vilnius Sholom Aleichem ORT Gymnasium)
  • Irit Hengel (Ahad Ha'am high school, Peh Tikva, Israel)
  • Hanna Kenner (Ahad Ha'am high school, petah Tikva, Israel)
  • Diana Gheracimiuc (Lauder-Reut Educational Complex, Bucharest, Romania)
  • Ivalio Ivanov (Dimcho Debelyanov- Hebrew and English Langugage School, Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Nance Adler (Jewish Day School, Bellevue, USA)
  • Sami Levi (Ulus Jewish Schools, Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Engin Arik (Ulus Jewish Schools, Istanbul, Turkey)

We also owe a special thanks to our wonderful coordinators: Dorothea Fecske (Frankfurt, Germany), Nance Adler (Seattle, US), Diana Gherasimiuc (Bucharest, Romania) and Stella Kalle (Thessaloniki, Greece) for coordinating the competition, be in contact with teachers and evaluating the videos.

We are very proud of this Centropa competition and all the teachers and students who participated in it. Watch the videos, learn from them, enjoy them – and hope to see you next year!

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