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Let All Who are Hungry Come and Eat

In these two back-to-back lessons, students will explore Jewish values, Jewish identity, and the question of how to balance their ethnic/religious identities with being a citizen of the world.  Students will watch Centropa's film, Survival in Sarajevo: Friendship in a Time of War - the powerful story of how a small group of Holocaust survivors and their children worked with their Christian and Muslim neighbors to save each other and their city during the Bosnian war of the early 1990s.

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The women who taught me everything - Interactive Film Script

The interactive film scripts combine the scripts of the Centropa Films with the links metioned in the Study Guides, thus marking various historical, cultural and geographical references.

You can use the film scripts in your class in order to understand the fulm better and help students to dig deeper in the (personal) stories by exploring history.

The film scripts are available in English and German and can be downloaded as PDF documents.



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