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Life During World War II

This is a history project but because we want our students ultimately to teach each other, we started with an introductory video conference during which students asked each other questions and learned a little about one another. Students will then choose a biography from the Centropa website to read and study, as an example of what life was like for someone in a Central or Eastern European country during WWII.

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Storytelling and Filmmaking to Remember Holocaust Survivors

In this project Jewish middle/high school students explore Jewish life in Europe, the Holocaust, and post-war immigrant life in America through the experiences of local Holocaust survivors from Central or Eastern Europe.  The students take primary source material from the survivors’ oral history testimonies and combine that with background historical study.  They use this material to create short films telling the life stories of the survivors before, during, and after the Holocaust.  Essentially, students perform the work of historians in transforming the raw data of h

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