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Jewish Life in Germany: the Erna Goldmann Story

Jewish life was part of Germany and German culture in the 19th and beginning 20th century, but disappeared with the Nazi-Regime in 1933. Using the Erna Goldmann film, From Frankfurt to Tel Aviv, this lesson teaches students about the history of Jews in Germany, Jewish religious life, Zionism, and antisemitism with the goal of conveying the idea that students learn that Jewish life should be a part of Germany. In addition, this lesson explores the concept of "home" and "homeland."
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Choosing to be Jewish Family Education Program

During this session families will learn the stories of several individuals who survived the Holocaust and then stayed in Europe after the war. They saw the destruction of the societies in which they grew up and they lived through the harshest years of Communist rule and, ultimately, witnessed the fall of Communism as well. During all this time they lived their lives and raised their families and chose to retain their Jewish identities.

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Juci Scheiner: Foundations of Halacha and Aggada

In this lesson about the "Foundations of Halacha and Aggada", Students will engage in a unit exploring various definitions of Jewish community. They will study both classical (Biblical and Rabbinic) texts and contemporary materials to consider ethical problems raised by living in community.

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