Solomon Skoblo

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This is my paternal grandfather, Solomon Skoblo. This picture was taken in Pskov, before he left with one of his sons, Abram, for England in 1921.

My grandpa Solomon owned a small store and sold ironmongery. He was a respected man at the local synagogue. He had a very big family. I cannot imagine how he supported the whole family. They weren't very well-to-do, I would say they lived quite modestly. My grandpa probably made some money on the side. He was a very pious man and always fulfilled various public tasks he received at the synagogue. For example, he collected notes that visitors wrote to the rabbi and read them to him after the prayer when everybody had left. He also collected money from idaka [a box for donations]. He had a place of his own there. In 1921 his son Abram took him away to England. Grandpa and Abram had problems with the Bolshevist power: they were against the Bolsheviks so they had to escape abroad to avoid a possible massacre. Grandpa died in England after the war.

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Inna Gimila
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St. Petersburg, Russia


Solomon Skoblo
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United Kingdom
after WW II
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Self-employed craftsman in non-elite crafts

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