Roseanu Oscar with Rosa and Martin Rosenfeld

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This photo was taken in Petrosani, in 1948. From left to right: myself, Oscar Roseanu, my mother, Rosa Rosenfeld, and my father, Martin Rosenfeld.

My name is Oscar Roseanu [changed in 1947 from Oszkar Rosenfeld]. I was born in Petrosani, on 2nd May 1923. After the World War II, I went to college in Bucharest and started a new life. I graduated from the Faculty of Physics and Chemistry of the University of Bucharest. After graduation, I taught mathematics at first. One year later, I was finally able to switch to teaching physics in Petrosani. When the State of Israel was founded, I was invited to give a conference on this major historic event. The hall in Petrosani was overcrowded. It was the year 1948? I was considered to have a bit of oratorical talent ? I had delivered various science popularization conferences.

My father, Martin Rosenfeld, was born in 1892 in Barul Mare. He commuted from Barul Mare to Petrosani to go to high school. After graduating, he settled in Petrosani, found a job at the coal mines. He was the head of the supply department of the coal mines in Lonea, a town located about 7 kilometers away from Petrosani. He commuted daily using a small local train. In winter, they used a godin [in Romanian, small cylindrical stove] to heat the cars. He left for work at 6 a.m. and came back at 6 p.m. He had lunch at the clerks' canteen in Lonea. Every evening I used to wait for him at the small station - it was for local trains only and was about 2 kilometers away from home. On the way back to town he would talk to his coworkers, not paying much attention to me - I was a sort of appendix, but he held my hand. He also had some work to do at home: he did accounting for the furniture factory in Farcas and for a tailor named Schwalb. Working for the furniture factory, he learnt carpentry. He built a gazebo in the courtyard that could shelter at least 10 people. I would spend a lot of my time there in summer. I did my homework there too. My father also made me swings and devices for exercise - it was a hobby of his.

He was a very special man, extremely earnest and moral; everyone who knew him looked up to him. Petrosani had a strong Jewish community and many notabilities were Jews: the town's notary, Bercovici, my father, Martin Rosenfeld, the head of the supply department of the Lonea coal mines, and many others. After 1946 he was the secretary-accountant of the Jewish Community until the last day of his life, in 1979.

My mother, Frida Rosenfeld [nee Lustig], was born in 1901 and was 11 years younger than my father. She went to high school in Petrosani. In her youth, she worked as a cashier in a cosmetics store in Petrosani. I know my father experienced a ?coup de foudre? [love at first sight] when he met my mother. He married her in 1921 or so and they were very happy.

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Interjúalany: Oscar Roseanu
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Anca Ciuciu
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Bukarest, Romania


Oscar Roseanu
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Educational inspector, high school teacher of chemistry
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Martin Rosenfeld
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after WW II
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The head of the supply department of the coal mines
II.világháború után:
Secretary-accountant of the Jewish Community

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