Ozlevi Family

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This photograph was taken when my older brother was in the military and was sent to him. In the picture, myself, my mother, father, bottom row my brother Selim Özlevi and Yasar Özlevi, my youngest brother. My mother wanted to send a photograph to my older brother who was in the military, we had this picture taken for that reason.My older brother Sabetay Özlevi, he is 20 months older, he was born in Edirne in 1934, the one younger than me, Selim was born in 1941, and Yasar was born in 1949.Because we were born close together with Sabetay, we started working together and were always together until we moved from Edirne to Istanbul on Jan. 1st, 1969. Even though we were 20 months apart, we grew up together, I tried to adapt to his age. Even our friends were together, anyways our friends were usually from my age group. He studied in Edirne highschool till 3rd grade in junior high. In 1964, he married Neli Nahmiyas who lived in Istanbul but was originally from Bursa. They lived in Edirne. He had two children named Yusuf and Hayati.Selim, on the other hand finished highschool in Edirne, after highschool he studied at the law school in Istanbul, became a lawyer and started his career in Istanbul. When he was in university, he only came to Edirne in summers for vacation. He married Ida Barha. He had two sons named Yosi and Erol.As for Yasar, he lived in Edirne too. He went to military service at 18 years of age. He returned to Edirne again after the military. In 1971 he moved to Istanbul with the whole family. He married a lady named Süzi, he had two daughters named Lora and Jale.

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Interjúalany: Albert Ozlevi
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Yusuf Sarhon
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Istanbul, Turkey


Albert Ozlevi
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Businessman, Retail merchant

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Sultana Ozlevi
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Ottoman Empire
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