Mieczyslaw Najman

Mieczyslaw Najman
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    Tomasz Kluz
This is how I look now. On this picture you can see all my orders and medals, both Polish and Soviet, I was decorated with. How do I spend my time? I go to the hospital, a friend of mine's there. Every second day there's a funeral, I go, you have to make a speech, offer your condolences to the family. We recently created a special section for war veterans at the cemetery, a nice entrance, it took five years, we reached a deal, did it for us for a few zlotys. I have a stretch there under my care, we lay the flowers, my friends are buried there. We gather, talk, do some official business. I'm always the one to go to an office. You have to do well, show that the Jew works, so that they don't say he's a scrounging Jew. I sit at home and have peace of mind, wait for them to come to me and help me, this is my life. My wife died and I'm alone. It's good my grandson is here to help me, make lunch for me, dinner, do everything he can. I sometimes get some support from the community. I get medicines for free. They help me, I can't say, whatever I ask them, they'll always be helpful. I was renovating the apartment, they helped, can't say a bad word about them. Show interest in how I live. When you're old, everyone shows concern. It's an advanced age, you know, it's good I can walk, I can talk, not everyone can do it at my age. On Saturday I tie the tefillin, praise God for leaving me here, for being the only one here who observes Shabbat, no one else here does except me, I'm the only one. And I thank God for the past week, for giving me a good health, for giving my courage, for giving me strength to go through all this. And for everything I have, I thank only God, God is my Father. I say it quite normally, as it is, from the bottom of my heart, because except God, I have no one else in the world.

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Tomasz Kluz
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Swinoujscie, Poland


Mieczyslaw Najman
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Executive in socialist firms
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    Hiding Jewish Identity/Nationality
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