Marketa Auerbachova in a group of women preparing for aliyah to Palestine

Marketa Auerbachova in a group of women preparing for aliyah to Palestine
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    Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938
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    Czech Republic
My parents met each other through the Zionist movement. This photograph was taken on one farm, where they and other Zionists were preparing for aliyah to the Palestine. My mother is kneeling, third from the left, almost in the middle of this group of young women. The purpose of their stay here was to learn agricultural work, Ivrit and perhaps also other things. They left for Palestine in 1922 and there founded the Bet Alfa kibbutz, populated primarily by settlers from Czechoslovakia and partly from Germany. I think that from both families my parents were the only ones that followed Zionism. I don't know what their families had to say about it, you've got to know that they probably didn't like it, that they were going to leave for such a far away place, but you can't prevent young people from doing anything... My parents stayed in Palestine until 1930. My older brother Ruben and I were born there. Our parents probably didn't plan to return to Czechoslovakia, I don't know why they decided for it. It's possible that there were health reasons, that the local climate didn't agree with them. Afterwards, my parents never spoke at home about what it had been like in Palestine.

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Lenka Kopřivová
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Prague, Czech Republic


Marketa Auerbachova
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