Lea Merenyi on vacation at the Balaton

Lea Merenyi on vacation at the Balaton
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    Banks of the Balaton
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I am in the picture and it was taken at the Balaton, there isn't any special story about it. My picture was taken on a vacation in the 1930s. There was a literary society, the Vajda Janos Society, they went to my aunt Olga. They knew that she had a group. They wanted to popularize Janos Vajda's poems, and we complemented the presentation of the poems with dance. We went on tour with them to the Balaton, this was sometime after 1934, and it lasted for about a year. [Editor's note: The tour of the Vajda Janos Society at the Balaton lasted from 1st to 5th September 1937, they held literary and art performances in Balatonalmadi, Balatonfoldvar, Fured, Kenese and Siofok. The 'one year' is perhaps a misunderstanding.] I was very happy about it, they took me around the Balaton, and that was my first opportunity to see some of Hungary. This wasn't a tiresome thing at all. The only tiresome thing was that the leader of this group fell in love with me. This was extremely awkward and annoying for me. Otherwise this tour of the Balaton was a bright spot in my life.

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Gabor Gondos
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Budapest, Hungary


Lea Merenyi
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Art of movement teacher
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Art of movement teacher
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    Hiding Jewish identity/nationality

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