Kurt Kotouc at an exhibition at Terezin Memorial

Kurt Kotouc at an exhibition at Terezin Memorial
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    Czech Republic
This picture was taken in 1993 at Terezin Memorial at some exhibition about the Holocaust. Behind me on the right side there is Jan Munk, the director of the Terezin Memorial. Left from me there is Mr. Karny, a Czech historian and beside him there is our president Vaclav Havel. An exhibition about the literature of the prisoners was created as part of the Terezin Memorial, I contributed to it with Marie Krizkova. Recently, we prepared a traveling exhibit about the magazine Vedem. I also worked in the Terezin Initiative that was founded in 1990. The initiative publishes its own magazine and played a large role in the creation of the Terezin Memorial. The initiative has done and continues to do very good work and was a key player in the battle for compensation that I also received. Like many survivors, I didn't tell my children much about the concentration camps. This is because, a person who went through a concentration camp lived through the complete devastation of a human's character and that is an extremely humiliating experience. When the book 'Je moji vlasti hradba ghett?' came out in 1995 my son read it and found out many things that he knew nothing about before that.

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Kurt Kotouč
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