Karoly Izsak on forced labor

Karoly Izsak on forced labor
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On the back of this picture, which is dated 4th September 1940, the company commander confirms that Karoly Izsak, private first class, is doing his military service at the Hungarian Royal 207/2 Klgs. Worker Company. This meant forced labor at that time. My father was on forced labor from July to September 1940, in Vac and in Marmaros county, in Raho [today Rachov, Ukraine]. My mother could once visit him, she traveled there with my father's brother Ede. He was drafted again at the beginning of June 1944. He was at a formation in Budapest until mid-November; he was allowed to come home for a couple hours several times. He could get hold of a Swiss safe conduct for the family, but he got it one day after my mother, my aunt and I were arrested by the Arrow Cross men. But at least Grandma and my nephew Tomi could go to a Swiss protected house instead of a ghetto. My father's formation was taken to Fertorakos, and to Austria from there, but he managed to remain on this side of the border and he was also liberated here.

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Interjúalany: Erika Izsak
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Sárdi Dóra
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Budapest, Hungary


Karoly Izsak
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after WW II
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Chief gardener
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Group leader at a ministry (Ministry of Agriculture)

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