Jozsef Lazar in the KuK army

  • Fénykép készítésének helye:
    Szatmar (Satu Mare)
    Ország neve a fénykép készültekor:
    Austria-Hungary, pre 1918
    Ország neve ma::

This is my father when he was a soldier during World War I. The photo was taken in Szatmarnemeti.

My father was born in 1891, in Nagybanya. He had a final examination certificate, which showed that he graduated from a school of commerce.

He was a bank clerk in Szatmar when he was young; then, when a common army was established for the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy during World War I, he enrolled there as a first lieutenant and fought throughout the World War.

He fought on all front-lines, starting from Galicia, Romania and Serbia, and they occupied Bucharest as well; there's a place to the north-west of Bucharest called Gaesti, where he was a town-mayor.

During retreat he withdrew with the Austro-Hungarian troops, which is how he got to Hungary.

Since he knew it would reflect badly on him in the eyes of the Romanian authorities that he had been a town-mayor in Gaesti, he didn’t return for a few years, and instead settled in Hungary.

My father had many medals; Franz Joseph even gave him a retirement deed, awarding him a pension which would have enabled him to live carefree.

But the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy failed, so nothing came of it.

My father had 48 wounds, he even lost one eye.

Thus he was a war invalid, so he at least received a disability pension.

Interjú adatok

Interjúalany: Gabor Lazar
Interjúkészítő neve:
Emoke Major
Interjú készítésének hónapja:
Interjú készítésének éve:
Covasna, Romania


Jozsef Lazar
Születési év:
Születési hely:
Ország neve a fénykép készültekor::
Halálozási év:
Halálozási hely:
Satu Mare
Country of death:
after WW II
II. világháború előtt:
Clerk, bailiff
II.világháború után:

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