Jerzy Minder

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    Wilhelm Kleinberg / studio ?Kamera?

This is my cousin, Jerzy Minder, son of my darling aunt - Zofia Minder (nee Kleinberg). The photo was taken in Cracow in our Grandfather Wilhelm Kleinberg's studio in 1930.

My teacher in the humanistic sense at that time was my cousin Jerzy Minder, the son of my aunt Zofia and uncle Izydor. Jerzy was a god to me. He came to Rabka every summer and winter vacation because his parents couldn't afford to send their son on any more expensive holidays, so on an exchange basis Mama gave Jerzy food and Aunt Zofia gave me the clothes that Jerzy grew out of.

Jerzy impressed me a lot because he knew a lot. He was the star pupil at the best gymnasium in Cracow, no. 3, the Jan III Sobieski School, and he tortured me with books. I remember how he ordered me to read 'Faust', in the Polish translation, of course, and then he tested me on it, and I wasn't at all interested in that 'Faust,' well, not much, at any rate. Dear God, what I went through with that! I read it so as not to look a fool.

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Interjúalany: Aleksander Ziemny
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Marta Janczewska
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Warsaw, Poland


Jerzy Minder
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after WW II
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University student

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