Jeno Nussbaum on the battlefield

Jeno Nussbaum on the battlefield
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This is my father, Jeno Nussbaum, with some other soldier, on the Italian battlefield. And I suppose he sent it from the battlefield. The caption is later in time; '1917-1918, On the battlefield, in Italy' was probably written when the album was made. He knew very well how proud his father was, that his children were fighting for the dear Austro-Hungarian Monarchy; it wasn't by chance that they sent pictures to their father, because he was full of pride that his children were fighting for the motherland. My father comes from a completely assimilated Austro-Hungarian Jewish family, which means that as a matter of fact, he had no knowledge of religion. None at all, which includes the fact that he couldn't pray and he didn't know the Hebrew letters. He knew he was a Jew, and that's all. My father was an ensign on the battlefield. Since he was a graduate, they gave him an officer's rank; usually the lowest, ?ensign" for those like him.

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Interjúalany: Laszlo Nussbaum
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Molnar Ildiko
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Cluj-Napoca, Románia


Jeno Nussbaum
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Shoah Visual History Foundation
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April, 1999

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