Izsak Izsak

Izsak Izsak
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    Austria-Hungary, pre 1918
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    Karpati studio in Maramarossziget
This is a picture of my father, Izsak Izrael Izsak, when he was young. It was most likely taken in 1907, when he was a fiancé. On the photo it says it was taken in the Karpati studio in Maramarossziget, but my father had never been there. The photo was probably taken by one of the studio's travelling photographers. My father, Izsak Izsak, was born in Mezoszabad in 1885. I don't think there was a school there, so I presume he either finished his elementary education with a private teacher or in Marosvasarhely. He didn't go to cheder, nor to talmud torah. He finished his higher education in Brasso. He studied at the higher commercial school in Brasso and graduated from there. I still have his graduation diploma. He graduated in June 1901. I think his teachers were unfair to him; we have to keep in mind that my father was Jewish: He had grades of 'A' for seven out of twelve disciplines, but they only declared him a 'B', and not an 'A' student. He had an 'A' in Romanian. My father's mother tongue was, of course, Hungarian, but he already learned Romanian when he was a child. He also spoke good German, and understood some, but couldn't speak it, Italian and French. His parents sent him to Brasso to learn German. After he graduated from the higher commercial school, he became a bank clerk at the Ludas branch of the Agrar Bank from Marosvasarhely. He was already married by then. He was called in from Sepsiszentgyorgy to Marosvasarhely, to the headquarters of the bank, and he became one of the chief clerks, one of the managers of the bank. My father was never a wealthy man. He wasn't a business man, never had any inclinations for commerce, but his income was enough to support us. My parents met in Marosvasarhely. There was a family in Marosvasarhely called Konig, Gyula Konig and his wife, Berta, my mother's relatives. Gyula Konig had a younger sister, Roza Konig. They were probably the ones who brought to my mother's attention that there was a young man, my father, who could start a family. He had a good job and was financially stable. They somehow arranged for them to meet, and from then on everything probably took its own course.

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Interjúalany: Sámuel Izsak
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Gidó Attila
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Cluj-Napoca, Románia


Izsak Izsak
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before WW II
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Office clerk

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