Izia Dajbog

Izia Dajbog
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This small girl who stands is Izia Dajbog, the daughter of uncle Srul Dajbog and Aunt Dora Dajbog (nee Cymerman). In this photo she is probably three years old. I do not know who the women with the child is. This photo must have been taken before the anti-Jewish pogrom in Kielce. Immediately after this pogrom Aunt Dora and Izia left Poland and they never came back. After the war was over, Izia's mother, Aunt Dora, returned to Poland from Jambul, it was 1945. She accidentally got right into the Kielce pogrom. Soon afterwards they left for Palestine. When Izia was getting married, I received an invitation to attend her wedding in Israel, and of course I didn't get the passport, I couldn't go. In 1969, Izia and her husband left Israel, settled in Montreal, then moved to Calgary. Izia teaches Jewish tradition and culture in Calgary. I never talked to Aunt Dora about the pogrom. With Izia, on the other hand, I did last year, with the help of her daughter. She remembers that some man pulled her out of the crowd during the pogrom, because she looked Polish. She started crying, 'Mommy!' so the man somehow also pulled her mother out, and hid them in the nearest gate. She remembers that, and doesn't even want to think about coming to Poland.

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Anna Szyba
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Warsaw, Poland


Izia Luppo
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Jewish culture and history teacher
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USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education
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