Ivan Moshkovich and Clara Weber

Ivan Moshkovich and Clara Weber
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This is a picture of me and my sister Clara Weber, nee Moshkovich. The photo was taken in Uzhgorod in 1979. After demobilization I lived with my sister Clara. My sister and her husband received a plot of land to build a house. They constructed their own house. I got back to my work at the car shop. Later I entered an automobile college and after finishing it I returned to the car shop where I became an engineer. My car shop became the first car pool enterprise in town. There was no public transportation in Uzhgorod at that time. I was authorized to create a public transportation network for the town. We started with buses. People weren't used to going by bus and we had to convince them to start using it. I worked as a driver for some time on various routes and then became a foreman in the garage. I worked at the road traffic safety department before I retired, I taught driving rules and examined candidates in GAI [traffic police]. It was strenuous work, but I liked it. I retired last year after I had been working at the same enterprise for 54 years. I never faced any anti-Semitism, my colleagues always treated me with respect. My sister worked at the garment factory. My sister and her husband observed Jewish traditions at home. It was difficult to follow the kashrut. Those were hard years when it was a problem to buy any food, not to mention kosher products. Of course, they didn't eat pork. On Friday evening my sister lit candles after she came from work and we celebrated Sabbath. My sister's husband and I went to the synagogue on holidays. My sister tried to cook traditional Jewish food for holidays. We always had matzah on Pesach. At first we bought it at the synagogue and when the synagogue was closed matzah was brought from Budapest or made at home. On Yom Kippur we all, except for Clara's little son, fasted. My sister and her family emigrated to the USA, Brooklyn, New York, 15 years ago. My sister and her husband are pensioners and Clara's son and his wife work. Their grandson goes to school. She left me and my wife the house that she and her husband built after the war.

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Interjúalany: Ivan Moshkovich
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Ella Levitskaya
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Uzhgorod, Ukraine


Ivan Moshkovich
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Manual laborer

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Clara Weber
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Manual laborer
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