Ignac Altman with colleagues

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This is my grandfather Ignac Altman with his colleagues. On the photo it is written Istvan Kalman, 1922, Kecskemet. I don?t know who this Kalman is but my grandfather is on the photo, he is the second from right. I guess the others must be his colleagues because they are in railwayman uniforms. My grandfather was already chief ticket-inspector at that time. My maternal grandfather was called Ignac Altman. He was born in Szent Domonkos in 1879. He started as a railroad braker but worked his way up and died as a chief ticket-inspector. I believe he finished four years of middle school but had no further education. But he wanted his eldest daughter to become a doctor. And she did, too. His wife was called Roza Glatter, she was from Gyongyos. They lived in several places in Hungary, as railroad workers they were sent here and there. They were in Dunaszerdahely, then in Zsolna, but most of all in Pest at the MAV [Hungarian State Railroad] colony in Rakospalota. I have one souvenir of my grandmother, a photograph. Her face is smiley and round. As far as I know they weren't very religious. They wore middle class clothes, observed Yom Kippur and seder, and they lit candles at Chanukkah. They didn't observe much else. Ignac Altman died in 1926 and his wife in 1936.

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Eszter Andor
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Budapest, Hungary


Ignac Altman
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before WW II
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Civil servant

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