Ervin Fenyes

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This is [my son] Pubi [Ervin Fenyes] as a baby. The picture was taken at our home in Budapest in 1930.

My son was born on 25th July 1929. Of course it wasn't the best time for it, but children come the quickest, and if I hadn't so ignorant…

My child was nine months old when I opened the shop. My stepmother didn't help; she never came, not even once, to look after my son.

I had to keep an employee to have someone take care of my child if I wasn't at home. I employed a young one, who I thought would take care of my child and do the housework.

Later, when I was already doing better, I employed a German woman, too.

I had Ervin enrolled in school at age six. My son, had been playing the violin for nine years, and was going to the conservatory, and his teachers had great hopes for him.

He wanted to be an artist, a violinist. Nothing has become of him. I lost him to the war.

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2004 - 2005
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Ervin Fenyes
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