Erika Izsak in the garden

Erika Izsak in the garden
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    Foto Radius
This photo was taken in Budapest in 1937. This is me at the age of eight, near our house. You can see the same perron from the outside that could be seen in the previous picture. On the side there is geranium and petunia in boxes, the walls of the house were covered with fox-grapes from the spring until the fall. In the picture Cili, the cat, is sitting in my lap. We always had a cat at the HICAA, of course not because I liked them very much, especially the kittens, but because the apartment would have been full with mice otherwise. We also had a dog, a black half-bred dog called Cigany, and Nero, the wolf-dog. There was also a dairy-farm on the grounds, for the supply of the students; we also got the milk, which was part of my father's salary from there. I could sometimes go in the stable. I liked to watch milking and small calves especially.

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Sárdi Dóra
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Budapest, Hungary


Erika Izsak
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