50th wedding anniversary of Samuel and Bulisa Coyas

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This is a photo of our 50th wedding anniversary, which we celebrated on 21st January 2001. You can see my wife and I making a toast with our friends. We celebrated that night with a dinner we had at the Corne d’Or Restaurant at the Swiss Hotel in Istanbul. There was nostalgic music by a trio of violin, acordeon and guitar. We all danced to that music. That night my granddaughters Sara Selin and Lisya Saylag made us a surprise and made a very emotional speech for me and their grandmother. All our guests and my wife and me were very touched. We thank God for making it possible for us to experience such a wonderful evening with our loved ones. At this age my and my wife's only expectation from life is good health and seeing the well-being of our children and grandchildren. I think that our grandchildren have a bright future. And our duty is to live the life God has assigned to us, without being a burden to anyone.

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Tuna Saylag
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Istanbul, Turkey


Samuel Coyas
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