My grandparents

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This picture was painted in 1940 in Edirne. This was simply done in pencil. This is not a photograph. The ones in the picture are my maternal grandfather and grandmother.My maternal grandfather Bohor Avram Rodrik was born in Dimetoka in Greece. I don't know the date. Afterwards he came and settled in Edirne. I don't know how he came or why he came. My maternal grandfather dressed more simply, he didn't take that much care. He did not have a moustache or beard, he was always shaved. He  normally had a shirt inside his suit and in winters a short embroidered jacket over his shirt because he was out in the streets all day. He also wore a cap. He knew Turkish and Judeo Espagnol.  They spoke Judeo Espagnol amongst themselves.My grandfather did his military service in Syria, I do not know during which years. My mother used to tell that when she was around 5, her father went to the military to fight in the war, there probably was a war then, he stayed in the military for 4-5 years. When he returned diskempt with long hair and beard, my mother started crying from fear, not knowing who this man was. This is your father they told her and my mother did not believe them, my father cannot look like this, she said. Later on, he took care of himself, cut his hair and shaved his beard,  looked like himself again.My maternal grandfather used to carry flour to the bakeries with a horse and carriage for as long as I remember. His financial situation was quite good. He even carried his merchandise himself, to earn more money.My maternal grandmother Rahel Rodrik was born in Palestine, I do not know when she was born or how she came to Edirne. I know she was a housewife and quite religious.  She emigrated to Israel with my grandfather and she died in Israel.


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Yusuf Sarhon
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Istanbul, Turkey


Bohor Avram Rodrik
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Businessman, Retail merchant

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