Petr Weber's uncle, Schlomo Königsberg

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So, this is a photograph of my uncle Schlomo Königsberg as a child. I unfortunately don't know where and when this photo was taken.

When I was about two, my uncle took me away with that group that managed to escape from the concentration camp in Bochnia. The whole group went through Slovakia, through the Slovak State, on to the Balkans and to the Palestine, where they, including that uncle of mine, managed to finally get to. They left me, a small child, for reasons that today I can only guess at - perhaps they were afraid, for themselves, for my life, it's hard to say - in any case, they left me back there in Slovakia. In the hands of Jews, in a Jewish family, which - in 1944 Jews in Slovakia were also in difficult circumstances - at that time was living in one of the collection points before the deportations, namely Liptovsky Mikulas. 


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Interjúalany: Petr Weber
Interjúkészítő neve:
Zuzana Strouhova
Interjú készítésének hónapja:
Interjú készítésének éve:
Brno, Czech Republic


Schlomo Königsberg
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Halálozási hely:
New York
Country of death:
after WW II

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