Certificate according the Romanian citizenship for Sura Ghebergher

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This is the certificate issued to my mother, Sura Avram Calman Leib - Sura Ghebergher -, by the Court of Law of the Administration of the Village of Harlau, whereby her rights as a Romanian citizen are recognized. 


The text of the document reads: 


The Court of Law of the Administration of the Village of Harlau


We hereby certify that Mrs Sura Avram Calman Leib, a widow with a daughter, living in Harlau on Ghica St. No. 12, through the petition recorded by this court of law, entry No. 4888 in the year of 1919, applied to be granted Romanian citizenship in accordance with Art. 1 of the Decree-law No. 2085 published in the Official Monitor No. 33 on 28th May 1919.

Consequently, this certificate was issued to her, in accordance with art. 3 of the aforementioned Decree-law, in order to serve her in exercising her rights as a citizen.

Judge ..., Court Clerk ...

No. 12703, 19th July 1919"


In the upper left corner, there is more writing and a signature: "29th January 1938. A legal copy was issued in accordance with art 31 leg… , President …," so this seems to be only a copy issued in 1938 of the 1919 original document.


My mother's name was Sura, daughter of Buium [Sura bat Buium] - my grandfather's name was Buium. That's how they named children in those days. And the family name was Klein. She could read and write Romanian, she could even read Jewish [Yiddish], but I don't know about the rest [, what her studies were]. She was a very cheerful, kind-hearted person. She helped others very much. People used to go begging in those days. There were various older Jewish women who would come by our house and ask for alms. And my mother would always give to others from the little that she had. She was a very kind woman, and a very good housewife - all her grandchildren loved her. She cooked 100% kosher. She was a religious person. She died in 1962, she is buried at the Jewish cemetery in Botosani.

Interjú adatok

Interjúalany: Marim Haller
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Emoke Major
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Botosani, Románia


Sura Gherbergher
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Sura bat Buium
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Ország neve a fénykép készültekor::
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Country of death:
after WW II
II. világháború előtt:
Hd a small tobacco shop
II.világháború után:
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