An unknown friend of Wacek Kornblum’s aunt

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This is a photo of a friend of my father’s sister. I don’t know anything about her. 

Father had a couple of sisters and a brother. His oldest sister was Aunt Frania-Franciszka. 

Father's older brother, Mosze, went to Paris at the beginning of the 1920s, along with his wife, who had a family there. And later they went to the United States from Paris. I don't know when he was born, but he was about four years older than my father. Uncle married a Jewish woman from Warsaw. I don't remember her name.

Another sister of Father's, Aunt Doba - Debora, had a husband whose name was Szlomo Gilf. 

Father's other sister, Aunt Ryfcia, also married a Gilf, Szymon, Aunt Doba's husband's brother. 

Then there was Aunt Rozia. To tell you the truth, she was a half-sister, because I don't remember whether there was a common father or mother. 

Father's half-sister, but of a different combination than Aunt Rozia was Aunt Zlatka. Her husband was Abram Zymelman.

The youngest sister, Father's favorite who he used to always help, was Aunt Chawcia, that is Chawa. Her husband Beniamin was also a Kornblum, he was Father's cousin. 

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