Life During World War II

This is a history project but because we want our students ultimately to teach each other, we started with an introductory video conference during which students asked each other questions and learned a little about one another. Students will then choose a biography from the Centropa website to read and study, as an example of what life was like for someone in a Central or Eastern European country during WWII. Then students will interview someone in their community about what life was like during WWII in their area and make a video about what they learn, using Centropa’s short multimedia films as models. The NC and Slovenian classes will exchange the videos with one another to learn what they each discovered about life during WWII where they live, and since students will have read the Centropa interviews they will have experiences in other countries to compare, as well. We will then have another video conference so students can discuss what they learned.

Kapcsolódó film

Matilda Kalef -- Three Promises

The Kalefs were one of the Belgrade's oldest families, tracing their roots back more than 300 years. Then the Nazis swept into Serbia in 1941...
While scores of relatives were being shot and gassed, Dona Bat Kalef fled with her two daughters, Breda and Matilda, to a Catholic church in Banovo Brdo. "Can you protect us?" she asked the priest. Father Andrej Tumpej did indeed save Dona and her daughters, and this film tells their story.

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