Chaim Ejnesman in his store in Canada

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This is me in my store in Toronto, Canada. The picture was probably taken in the 1970s, but I think it was after 1973, after my wedding with Otylia. She was with me at this time, I think... but I’m not sure. Really, I don’t remember it.

My wife Tania didn't like it in Canada; she wanted to go back to Russia. But how could I go back to Russia. We broke up. I was alone for seven years, then I met my second wife and we got married in 1973. Her name is Otylia, nee Jablonowska. She's from Lwow, born there in 1930. After the war she ran these deluxe stores in Gliwice. And then her husband died, she came to Canada. She had an aunt here. She doesn't come from a Jewish family, but she did business with Jews. She's just interested, that's all. Thank God, that it all worked out like this. Otylia is very talented. She made all these portraits by herself, and this is handmade. [Mr. Ejnesman is referring to cross-stitched paintings, hanging in the living room.] 

I can't complain, everything is all right. We later opened this store together, men's and women's clothing. The boys found jobs. We also have two daughters, they're in Canada as well. We were there together. Now we have eleven grandchildren: Deren, Tina, Monica, Sasza, Nina, Natasza… I don't even remember all of their names. And even more great-grandchildren. 

During the time I was in Canada, I had no contacts with Poland. Never. I didn't have anyone here. 

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Marta Cobel-Tokarska
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Podkowa Lesna, Poland


Chaim Henryk Ejnesman
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Employed by craftsman
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Businessman, Retail merchant

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