Kurt Brodmann -- The Story of the Brodmann Family

Kurt Brodmann tells the story of his family: how his father Leopold, an actor, fell in love with Franzi Goldstaub, who was sitting in the audience. Franzi came from an orthodox family and her parents would not let her marry an actor.
Because he was so much in love, Leopold gave up his acting career and went into business.
Leopold and Franzi raised two sons. During the war, one son, Harry, fled to England; Kurt emigrated to Palestine, while their parents found refuge in Shanghai. There, Franzi opened a cafe and Leopold became an actor once again. After the war, the family was reunited in Vienna.

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Kurt Brodmann: Discussion points


The family - The root gives life to a tree. The family gives life to mankind.


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primary school students aged 11-12 students 13-14 and their parents Number of students in one class: 15 to 17

The familyThe root gives life to a tree...


Die Geschichte der Familie Brodmann - Interaktives Filmskript


The Story of the Brodmann Family- Interactive Film Script


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