Teachers with Centropa certificates

Oktatási tevékenységünk és anyagaink

We don’t train teachers to use a curriculum; rather, we partner with teachers to create pro-active learning experiences and then upload their lessons and projects onto our website so you can search, download, and adapt for your students.

Browse lessons and projects by school subject, grade, or a specific topic.

Compelling life stories of holocaust survivors turned into short films, perfect for classroom use or a homework assignment.

Sibling rivalry, love stories, school experiences, first jobs, surviving the war, and rebuilding lives after the holocaust - true stories that bring history closer to students.

Centropa’s seminars bring together teachers to learn about our resources, study the historical context of our holocaust survivor interviews, and collaborate on creating strong lessons for their students. 

Join our seminars and use our materials to teach history through real-life stories.

Student work that inspires, from Centropa competition winners to creative cross-cultural projects from our Border Jumping Program to student work we simply can’t stop showing teachers due to their innovation.

Some of them are so good you can use them to teach your classes!

We offer traveling exhibitions that you can bring to your school or community.

Turn them into learning experiences for your students, create research projects, let them be docents and educate their peers, parents, and local communities.