Blanka Gallo’s brother Hugo Leimseder

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This is my brother Hugo Leimseder. The photo was taken on the main square in Nyiregyhaza wehere we lived. It must have been taken at the end of the 1930s.

Hugo was born in 1918 and he also worked in father's business. My father was a tropical fruit dealer in Nyiregyhaza.

Until the outbreak of the war in 1939 my father brought the fruit from Italy. There (were) oranges, mandarins, chestnuts, dates, grapes, figs. It was a big business.

My brother Hugo was a forced laborer in Kisvarda, he was taken from Kassa at the end, and my father came home from synagogue one noon.

They had a telephone not only in the shop but at home too - a rarity in those days. And he said to him that he had a bad feeling about Hugo.

I should go to the neighboring grocer and telephone and ask on Saturday. Well, of course it is allowed if an ill person wants something, then everything is allowed.

(And all it was) was that they his suit had been stolen. He did not come back from forced labor. (He died somewhere in Ukraine.)

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Dora Sardi and Eszter Andor
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Budapest, Hungary


Hugo Leimseder
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