Edna and Max Sinai

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This is my sister, Edna Sinai, with her husband, Max Sinai, at the wedding of some relatives from Israel. The one on the left is my brother-in-law, and my sister is on his right. I don't know the other people in the photograph. I couldn't tell who they are. The text on the back reads: 'Haifa, To remember Jacob's wedding by, my brother-in-law Eri and the Max family. Emilien Ubermann.' I don't know, I don't know them, they were probably acquaintances or even relatives of my sister's husband.

My sister, Erica, was born in Dorohoi 7 years after I was born, namely in 1929. My sister was in her second year of high school when we left for Transnistria and she stopped going to school then; she didn't resume her studies when we returned. We were in dire straits. I had to provide for the three of us: for myself, my mother, and my sister. And my uncle Leon - the husband of my mother's sister - placed my sister in one of those Jewish hostels where they prepared you for going to Israel. And she stayed for a short time in that hostel in Bucharest and then she left to Israel in 1947 or 1948. Officially, her name was Erica, but they called her Edna in Israel. I don't know why, but she had her name changed in Israel. I don't know what job she had there - whatever she could find on arriving where they sent them from that hostel. We only received mail indirectly, through aunt Ana - because she had no job, she wasn't afraid. There was a time when you weren't allowed to have connections in Israel, so we didn't. And we received news indirectly… After a period of time, it was allowed, and we wrote to each other.

My sister met her future husband, Max Sinai, in Israel. He is from Romania, too, from Darabani - the market town of Darabani - located near Dorohoi -, he raised cattle for a living in Israel. [Darabani is located 38 km north-east of Dorohoi.] They married in 1964 [probably in Bat Yam, that is what the wedding photograph reads, the photograph rosmi031]. My sister died around 1980, I forget the actual year. And her husband calls me on the phone once in a blue moon. He is still alive and is living in Israel, but I don't know which city they moved to.

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Interjúalany: Sura Milstein
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Emoke Major
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Botosani, Romania


Edna Sinai
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Romania (1920-1945)
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after WW II
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