Desideriu Schillinger and his wife

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    Austria-Hungary, pre 1918
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    Ellinger Ede, Budapest

This is a photo of one of my maternal grandfather Schillinger’s brothers, Desideriu Schillinger, together with his wife. The photo was taken in Budapest, but I don’t know when.

My maternal grandfather, Emanuel Schillinger, was born in Elek, Hungary, in 1858. He grew up with both German and Hungarian as a mother tongue. He had five brothers and two sisters, and I know many of them only from pictures. One of Grandfather’s brothers was called Desideriu Schillinger. He owned a grocery store, but I don't know anything else about him.

What I remember about my great-grandparents from my mother’s side, whose family name was Schillinger, is that my great-grandfather was very religious. He was sort of an autocrat. He was well to do, owned some 60 hectares of land, and was very much concerned about his offspring, both his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Great-grandfather was very much the center of the Schillinger family. Everybody came to congratulate him and greet him on his birthday, and he gave presents to each grandson and granddaughter when they got married.

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Interjúalany: Alexandru Kohn
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Oana Aioanei
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Arad, Románia


Desideriu Schillinger
Ország neve a fénykép készültekor::
Austria-Hungary pre 1918

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