Michal Warzager with his family

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This a photo of my family. Myself and my wife Zoja Warzager, nee Titowa are standing on the left. In the middle you can see my stepdaughter Krystyna Warzager, with her daughter Monika, then on the right there’s a sister of my wife - Nina, and one of my great-grandchildren, Mikolaj.

I met my wife in Russia; she already had a four-year-old daughter by then. We were in Russia a while together - we even went and registered in the register office there as a married couple. And then we had another wedding here in Legnica. It never bothered her, my being Jewish. We never even talked about it; it just wasn't an issue for us. She often used to go down to the social club with me, and sometimes to community meetings as well.

My stepdaughter also knows I'm Jewish and that's never been a problem for her. She doesn't go to shul with me, but she respects me and she knows a lot about Jewish culture. She studied medicine in Wroclaw and became a doctor; now she works in Legnica. So I have a good situation - she always gives me the prescriptions I need, and I don't have to stand in line. I take the same medication all the time, for my heart. I've had four heart attacks already.

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Jakub Rajchman
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Legnica, Poland


Michal Warzager
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Manual laborer

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