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Personal Choice and Community Dynamics


In this 2015 Milton Wolf Prize winning lesson, students examine the extent to which individual choices shape community dynamics. By watching Survival in Sarajevo, examining images, engaging in group...


Analyzing a Centropa Film

other projects

Teachers use this activity for any project where students are asked to create a story on film or another visual presentation (Prezi, PowerPoint), including the Virtual Walking Tour project (students...


Cross-cultural projects: Holocaust and Civil Rights

other projects

This was an on-going, cross-cultural project consisting of several min- lessons taught over the course of the school year, designed and taught by Ilijan Kuzmanovic (Republika Srbska) and Jeff Renihan...


Sarajevo Project for Jewish Day School Communities


The Bosnian-Serb siege of Sarajevo, from spring 1993 until winter 1996, was the longest in modern history. With electricity, water and food supplies cut off and only sporadically supplied, with...