Vladimir Baum als Partisan

Das bin ich 1944 in Jugoslawien, Belgrad.

Als die Alliierten über die kalabrischen Berge vordrangen, bekamen ich und meine Kameraden Uniformen und wurden als jugoslawische Partisanen anerkannt.

Im Winter 1944 wurde ich von der Royal Air Force ins befreite Gebiet Jugoslawiens transportiert.

Von diesem Zeitpunkt an, bis zum Ende des Krieges im Mai 1945, war ich bei den Partisanen.

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Jewish People and Gentiles

Our textbooks have very little information on the Holocaust. Students are familiar with the impacts of the Holocaust in Germany and Poland but they know very little about Eastern European countries. Many Jewish people were saved and taking the time to learn about the Gentiles allows our students to see how different people around the world helped.

Sofija Zoric-Demajo with her grandaughter Ida

Photo of my granddaughter Ida and me. Taken in Belgrade (2000).

This photo was taken at the opening of the exhibit “Between Tradition and Fashion: The Style of Belgrade Jews at the End of the XIX Century and the First Half of the XX Century.” This exhibit was a joint effort between Belgrade's Jewish community and the Ethnographic Museum. My granddaughter Ida was the creator of the exhibit.

Jakov Demajo, Sofija’s father

Photo of my father, Jakov Demajo. Taken in Belgrade (1912).

My father was a merchant and he had a shop on Kralja Aleksandra Street, on Tasmajdan, near St. Mark's Church. He sold suits and various other things. My father closed his store when he felt he could no longer compete with the younger and more promising people. He closed the store and lived on the interest, I do not know exactly how. In our family, the children never knew what the parents did or how they got by.


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