Erzsebet and Andras Kremer

She is Bozsi [Erzsebet], the younger sister of my mother, Rozsi Eisikovits (nee Weisz), and her daughter.

Bozsi married Dezso Kremer, a corn-merchant from Nagysarmas.

They lived in Kolozsvar. They had two children, a son, Andris, and a daughter.

The son was around 5, the daughter one and half, two years when they were deported. The whole family perished in Auschwitz.

The eldest Weisz child was uncle Adolf, then came my mother, Karoly, Lora, Resi, Jolan and Bozsi.

Berta Naftali

In this picture that's one of my father's sisters, Bertuska [Berta].

She was my father's only sister who survived World War II. Because she was at her sister in Bucharest, she survived.

After the war she married to Balazsfalva, her husband, Naftali, was a lawyer who was a musician also.

He studied the jurisprudence in Italy, he came home, but because they lived in welfare in Balazsfalva, after the regime changed, they were considered kulaks [1] His parents had a store, but all what they had was confiscated.

Mihaly Eisikovits

Nagybanya, Románia

Mihaly Eisikovits Nagybanya Romania The interviewer: Emoke Major Date of the interview: October 2004 

Mihaly Eisikovits lives alone in Nagybanya, in a two-room apartment on the ground-floor of a flat block.

The furniture of the living room is middle class style, typical for the apartments furnished in the communist era, the family photos on the walls make the apartment a special one.


Clara Chelner, Henry Chelner and Silviu Chelner

The one in the middle is my father's sister, Clara Chelner, with her two boys called, Henry - Ricu - was older, and Silviu the younger.

On the back of the photo they wrote: "With much sympathy from Clara, Ricu and Silviu. March 1933."

There is also the stamp of the photography studio: "Foto Royal, Botosani, Calea Nationala 158."


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