Alexandru, Margareta and Andrei Popper

This is my family - my father Alexandru Popper, my mother Margareta Popper, and I. The photo was taken in Arad in 1923.

My parents got married in July 1914. They also had a religious ceremony at the synagogue. The next day after they returned from their honeymoon in Austria, World War I broke out and my father was drafted. He became an officer in the Austro-Hungarian army.

Margareta Popper

This is my mother, Margareta Popper. The photo was taken in Arad in 1914.

My mother was born in Simand, on 11th April 1890. When she was about two, she moved with her parents to Arad. As there was no high school for girls in Arad at that time, my mother was sent to Timisoara, to the Higher School for Girls. She was a housewife. Just like my father, she wasn't too religious.


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