Simon Meer and family

Here on this photo in the first row is my son Fabian Meer
with his wife Reli Meer.

In the middle row from right to the left is me:
Simon Meer with my wife Ietti Meer ,
my cousin David Rotenstein with his wife Adela Rotenstein.

In the upper row there is my younger son, Sorin Meer to the right
next to him is my niece’s brother Carol Rotenstein with his wife.

I think this photo was taken in Iasi, 1979,
where my older son Fabian Meer was married.

Ficu Pietraru and Avram Ciubotaru in the Synagogue

This photo was taken on July 7th, 1973 in the synagogue in Suceava, when my nephew, Ficu Pietraru, got married, before the religious wedding.

As a Jewish, the groom goes to the Synagogue one or two weeks before the traditional religious wedding to give special quotes to those who marry.

Ficu is standing in the middle.

Avram Ciubotaru my father in law is the second from the left with the hat. And the one to the right is the bridegrooms father, Saul Pietraru.

Fabian Meer and relatives

This pictures was taken on the 24th of Nov. 1979, after my older son Fabian got married, going out from the City hall of Iasi.

In the front, the third from left is the groom Fabian Meer and right to him his bride Reli Meer.

Behind them the second from the left is my wife Ietti Meer and the third one is me Simon Meer.

Right from the bride is the brides mother, Adela Rotenstein and behind her to the right her husband David Rotenstein.

Behind my left side with me is my younger son Sorin Meer.To the right of my cousin is my grandson, Ficu Pietraru.

Ciubotaru Sumer and relatives

This photo was taken at the marriage of my brother-in-law, my wife's brother. In front of me is the bridegroom, Sumer Ciubotaru and the bride, Tony Ciubotaru.

I, Simon Meer second from the left in the back row, am with my wife Ietti and Sumer’s parents which I don’t remember their names.

Bridegrooms parents, Liba Ciabotaru and Avram Ciabotaru, as well as the sister of the bridegroom, Betty Pietraru with her husband Saul Pietraru.


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