Janos Gottlieb as a child

This is me [Janos Gottlieb]; my father [Laszlo Gottlieb] took this photo of me in the garden of the house where I was born in Nagybanya, in 1931.

I was born in 1929 in Nagybanya. From the age of three I lived at my paternal grandparents.

My grandparents lived in a village somewhere near Nagybanya for a while, I was with them there too, then in Nagybanya.

But when I was five years old, my father took me with him, he rented a quite nice apartment, in a nice part, let's say, of Nagybanya, in a villa.

Janos Gottlieb and his wife

It’s me [Janos Gottlieb] in the center, with my wife [Cleopatra Mociutchi] on my right side.

The photo was taken in June 1992, when our granddaughter, Mara has just finished forth grade.

I was head of department at the Faculty of Physics of the Iasi University two times.

I had this function from 1962 until 1971 or 1972, when they wound up the smaller departments - in those times the department was called Theory of Physics and Atomistic Structure.

Janos Gottlieb and his wife

On the right is me [Janos Gottlieb], I’m dancing with my wife [Cleopatra Mociutchi].

I don’t remember when and where the photo was taken, I suppose it was taken recently.

Following the events of 1989 my life changed to some extent. It changed in what concerns duality - I didn't have to bother anymore about it.

For the truth is that during the communist era everybody had two faces. I said one thing at home, and other thing outside.

One couldn't speak out their thoughts, only in a very restraint circle. One had to watch out his mouth.

Janos Gottlieb with his wife and foster-daughter

I’m with my wife [Cleopatra Mociutchi] and my foster-daughter [Mihaela Timofte].

I [Janos Gottlieb] am in the center, my wife is on my left side.

I don’t know for sure when it was taken, but not a long time ago. This is a relatively new photo.

When I moved to Iasi, I made some new acquaintances, and I tried to get close to them.

I was on quite good terms with everybody. However, it is hard not only to establish good relationships, but to find people to work with.

Janos Gottlieb and Puiu Ciortea

It is me [Janos Gottlieb] on the left, on the right is Puiu Ciortea. He’s Romanian. I didn’t care if someone was Romanian or Hungarian or Jewish.

His father was a doctor, he was our neighbor in Nagybanya. The photo was taken by my father [Laszlo Gottlieb] in the first part of the 1930s in Nagybanya.

I was born in 1929 in Nagybanya. I had a very beautiful childhood.

The environment and the people were all very nice. God knows how it worked back then, but I did have all kind of friends: Jews - but just a few -, Hungarians, Romanians.

Janos Gottlieb, Cleopatra Mociutchi and Werner Ullrich

The person on the right is me [Janos Gottlieb], in the center is my wife [Cleopatra Mociutchi], she was already my wife, on the left is Werner Ullrich - Werner is his first name, Ullrich is his family name.

I don’t know anymore precisely when, by the end of the 1960s they set up an astrodome, which roofs over the observatory.

It was him who did it, he came from Germany. The director of the observatory, who was a good friend of mine - he was much older than me, yet we were on good terms - asked me to keep him company, for I spoke German.

Janos Gottlieb after return from deportation

This is me [Janos Gottlieb]. This is the first photo taken of me after I came back to Nagybanya from deportation.

I arrived to Nagybanya on July 14th 1945, and this was taken on July 21st, so after one week.

I looked fine, didn’t I? I had such a look, that as I was walking in the town, met my colleagues, and addressed them, they didn’t recognize me. I had to explain them who I was.

If I know well, in Nagybanya they sent people into the ghetto on 5th May 1944.

Janos Gottlieb and Cleopatra Mociutchi

This is me [Janos Gottlieb] with my wife [Cleopatra Mociutchi]. I think my wife hadn’t been there before.

We went to an excursion in the 1960s to the Bekas-szoros [in Romanian: Cheile Bicazului, in English: Bicaz Canyon].

Sometimes we went to trips with our students. Well, we were colleagues at the university, so we were together on excursions etc.

I finished my studies - mathematics at the Bolyai University - in 1951, then I was an assistant professor for one year at the Bolyai University.

Laszlo Gottlieb before deportation

This is my father, Laszlo Gottlieb. It is one of the last photos of my father; it was taken by a lady photographer in Nagybanya, I forgot her name, though I knew her.

My father was called Laszlo Gottlieb, he was called Laci within the family.

His Romanian name in the Romanian era - after 1920 - was Vasile. He was born in 1897 in Maramarossziget.

After my father finished high school, he got to Budapest. He studied for one year there, at the Technical University.

Janos Gottlieb, the guard

This is a strange thing. I [Janos Gottlieb] am a so-called ‘guard’ - this was a patriotic children’s organisation, and everybody who attended the Romanian school, was a guard. Just like that. [

Ed. note: The ‘Strajeria’ or ‘Straja Tari’ (The Country’s Guard) organisation was established in 1937 by Carol II, the Romanian king.

The members of the paramilitary youth organisation were boys and girls of 8 to 16 years old; the aim was to educate young people to be obedient and helpful, to respect the greatness of the idea of nation.


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