Rosa Kaiserman as a school-girl

This is me, Rosa Kaiserman, in the first grade in primary school, with a black uniform – it was made of some black satin, like a frock, which was buttoned at the back and had pockets and an embroidered collar.

My mother used to embroider my collars. I wanted the collar to be perfect, so when I went to school I didn’t put it on, but put in a copy-book in my schoolbag, and only when got to school I took it out and buttoned it on my neck.

The uniforms were made by dressmakers, you couldn’t buy them ready-made, like nowadays.

Rifca Kaiserman with her children at Iacobeni

We are here somewhere in Iacobeni.

In the front row you can see my brother, Pincu Kaiserman, at his left it’s me, Rosa Kaiserman, and to the right is our sister Clarisa Tucarman.

In the back row is my mother, Rifca Kaiserman, and that man I don’t know anymore who he was – a friend, some neighbour, or the owner of that house, we rented there. I don’t know who took this photo.

My brother rests on a stick, which he himself sculpted, and he was very proud of it.

Rosa Kaiserman with her brother and sister

This picture features me and my brother in the yard of the house, where we lived in our childhood.

It was a very long yard with many apartments on both sides.

I, Rosa Kaiserman, am on the right side, in the middle is my brother, Pincu Kaiserman and to the left my sister, Clarisa Kaiserman.

We were very little, I was five to to six years old. Between us is a difference of one and a half years.

Rosa Kaiserman as a girl

This is me, Rosa Kaiserman.

The back of the photo reads 14th September 1941. I was almost 16 years old.

I was wearing an ecru dress, made of some cloth – it was a very well done, with sporty pockets. It was a very beautiful frock.

On that time there were three-quarter length dresses, just below the knee.

Because of my eyes I was called the Chinese girl.

I don’t know why. Did I have a lackadaisical look?

They called me that way, the Chinese girl. Actually Chinese women are beautiful.


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