Julia (Juci) Scheiner

Targu Mures, Románia

Juci Scheiner
Targu Mures
Interviewer: Ildiko Molnar
Date of interview: October 2002

If in the interwar period you mentioned the name Juci Mestitz in Marosvasarhely, the majority of the people knew whom you were talking about.

She was everybody's favorite and has been ever since. You can still feel her distinguished education by the way she dresses and behaves. She looks stylish and neat.

Targu Mures

Liba Ciubotaru and Avram Ciubotaru with relatives

Here we are at the wedding of my son, Fabian Meer.

The front ones, in the chairs, are the parents of my wife, Liba and Avram Ciubotaru - old people

- and behind them from left to right are me, Simon Meer, my wife, Ietti Meer, the bride, Reli Meer, the broom, Fabian Meer , and the cousins ​​- David and Adela Rotenstein.

This photo was taken, 1979 in Iasi.

Fabian Meer at his weeding

This picture is from the wedding of my son, Fabin Meer, in 1979 in Iasi.

Fabian is in the second row on the right, in the middle of my daughter-in-law, Reli Meer.

The one on the left is Sumer Ciubotaru, my brother-in-law,
and in the front row from left to right are:

my sister-in-law, Tony Ciubotaru, my mother-in-law, Liba Ciubotaru,
father-in-law, Avram Ciubotaru,
my other brother-in-law, Saul Pietraru, and his wife, Betty Pietraru.


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