Leibe Berkal

This is my grandfather on mother's side, Leibe Vulfovich Berkal.

He lived in the Latvian city of Dvinsk, which now is called Daugavpils.

His wife, my grandmother Hana Berkal (I do not know her maiden name), was born in the same Pre-Baltic area in the 1860s and died before the war in 1930 – I don’t know the exact date.

My grandfather was handsome, with a white beard. He was thin and of average height. He was very kindly, gentle and quiet, and he was also very religious. He was a shames in a synagogue.

Wedding invitation of Tsitsilia and Miron (Meer) Averbukh

This is the invitation to the wedding of my parents, Tsitsilia and Miron (Meer) Averbukh.

The inscription says: "Leibe Berkal and wife, Yakov Averbukh and wife kindly invite you to attend the wedding of their children Tsitsilia and Mr. Miron Averbukh, to be held on Sivan 19 (May 22),

1912, in the city of Dvinsk in the Commercial Club.

The wedding ceremony will take place at exactly 9 o'clock in the evening. For telegrams: Berkal, Averbukh"

Maya Dembo with her husband

This is an amateur picture of me and my husband Lev Freidman, taken when we visited my father's sister, my aunt Cecilia Dembo in Riga, right after we got married.

This is her apartment. Grandmother Sara was still alive at that time. She also lived in this apartment, together with her daughter.

My husband Lev Freidman is standing beside me; I am 27 here and he is 32. Alexander Dembo, Cecilia's adopted son can be seen in the right corner of the picture. He is sitting on a sofa.

Gerasim and Frida Dembo

These are my mother Frida Dembo, nee Sivashinskaya and my father Gerasim Dembo.

It is an amateur picture and it was taken in Latvia, in Saulkraste, a Riga suburb, in 1924, not far from a dairy-farm, owned by the family of my father's mother, Sara Dembo, nee Bugg.

This photo was taken right before my parents left for Paris, where father was to study at the Sorbonne. On their way to Paris they stopped in Riga for several months, where my mother was introduced to my father's relatives.

Gerasim Dembo and his siblings

These are the children of my paternal grandparents, Isaac and Sara Dembo, nee Bugg.

From left to the right are: Gerasim, my father; his elder brother Aron and their younger sister Cecilia Dembo. Gerasim is eight in this photo, Aron is ten and Cecilia is four years old.

The childern are fairly dressed up; their family was evidently a well-to-do one.The photo was taken in Riga in 1908 .

Grandfather Isaac and grandmother Sara got married in 1890s, they lived in Riga and had three children:

Sara Dembo

This is my paternal grandmother, Sara Dembo, nee Bugg.

The picture was taken in Riga in the apartment of grandmother Sara and her daughter Cecilia in 1955.

My grandmother is 90 years old on this picture, it was taken on her jubilee. She died four years later.

My grandmother was born in Riga in 1865. The Bugg family was wealthy; they owned a fur factory in Riga named Electra. This factory was one of the first in Europe, which learnt to make mouton out of sheepskin, a shining fur with a soft flexible base.

Isaac Dembo

This is my paternal grandfather, Isaak Dembo, he is 40 something in this picture. The photo was taken in Riga in the 1900s .

My grandfather was born in Riga, Latvia, in the 1870s. He had some kind of technical education, but I have no detailed information.

He worked in the timber processing and paper industry. He died at an early age, in 1914, when my father was only 14 years old.

Tsylia Liatun’s parents, her sister Rebecca, and Rebecca's husband Efraim

These are my parents, my older sister Rebecca and her husband Efraim Kann. From left to right: my father Mendel-Leib Kats, my sister Rebecca Kann, her husband Efraim Kann and my mother Sarah-Maria Kats. This photo was taken in Yurmala near Riga when my parents were there on vacation in 1938.

My father was a rich man. He had big haberdashery store. He was awarded the title of First Guild Merchant. My mother worked together with father in the store and took care of the house.

Tsylia Liatun and her relatives

This is my family. Standing from left to right in the second row: my father's brother Izia Kats, my father's sister Frieda, aunt Dora's son Tsalel, uncle Sasha Medynch, mother's sister Zhenia Medynch, my sister Rebecca Kats, aunt Dora's daughter, Rebecca, my father Mendel-Leib Kats, my mother Sarah-Maria Kats, my father's sister Slava.


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