The Goldmann Family in Tel Aviv

Here you can see my father-in-law, Adolf Goldmann, in the middle, my husband Moshe to the left, and my husband’s cousin to the right.

I can’t remember what his cousin’s name was. The photo was taken in Tel Aviv; we had just arrived when the photo was taken.

My father-in-law came from Dessau to Tel Aviv for the wedding.

His wife stayed in Dessau, where my father-in-law owned a big leather factory.

After the wedding, he wanted to go back to Germany. But my husband and his brother said: “You are not going back!” But he left nonetheless.

Erna Goldmann in Tel Aviv

This is me at Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv. That’s what Tel Aviv looked like at that time, too: sand and huts.

You could find everything you needed in Tel Aviv in 1937: streets, movie theaters, cafés.

We sat together with friends, talked and drank coffee. My sister-in-law lived on Ben Yehuda Street, and we lived on the corner of Keren Kayemet/Emile Zola. Keren Kayemet is Ben Gurion Street today.

We had a beautiful apartment. In the morning, we went down Ben Yehuda Street, and we had to stop every five minutes:

Rafael Goldmann at Chanukah

This photo was taken at Chanukah in 1954. Rafael was three years old back then.

I celebrated Shabbat together with my husband and my children. We thought that this was a nice evening.

We also celebrated Chanukah. We lit the candles and gave presents to the children.

It didn’t have anything to do with religion, though; we just thought it was homely.

Daniel and Rafael Goldmann

These are my sons, Daniel and Rafael. Daniel was eleven years older than Rafael. That’s a big difference.

They liked each other a lot, but they were not that tight. Daniel was a handsome boy.

My son Daniel wanted to work at this factory after school.

Dani was very technically talented, he should have studied engineering or something like that.


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